Welcome to the Flyblog!

I am a very pleased owner of a Flybook V5 (from Dialogue Technology). When I started looking at the unit In July of 2007, there wasn’t a lot of information available. I set up this blog to not only connect with other Flybook Owners, but to provide real-world experiences for anyone else looking into purchasing this ultra-portable laptop. Please let me know if there are any questions I can answer for you, and welcome to the Flyblog!


What I’ve been up to: Pre-Ordered the HTC Evo

Ok, kind of off-topic, but not entirely…

My latest dip into geekdom is pre-ordering the new HTC Evo (launch date 2010-06-04). It has two types of tethering: USB tethering (FREE) and “Wifi Hotspot” (creates a hotspot for up to 8 connections) for $30/month as a Sprint contract add-on. I was planning on trying out the USB tethering prior to cancelling my AT&T $70/month data plan for the V5. Now Sprint has announced that the Wifi Hotspot will be free for the first 30 days of the launch so I can test that out as well. I’ll be bummed if the tethering isn’t good enough for my needs (obviously, it will be a speed hit as Indy is NOT 4G and probably won’t be for quite some time – it just remains to be seen how much of a hit it will be).

Speed tests to come.

Flybook has terminated its distributorship with Dialogue Technology USA Corp.

Watchful Flybook Owner Ernst found this Notification on the Flybook.com website (you have to click the “Notification” link in the site’s toolbar):

A Friendly Notice:

Please note that, effective from May-17-2010, Flybook had terminated its distributorship withDialogue Technology USA Corp., the company who was previously assigned as the soledistributor for Flybook’s distribution Business for the territory of North America.Flybook apologizes for any inconvenience that may be caused by this change, if there is.For any future inquiry about flybook, please kindly contact nasals@flybook.com.Flybook would like to provide the best assistance to your inquiry in the way that it can figureout the best. Thank you truly for your concern and continued support with Flybook.
Flybook Logo

Ernst also points out that the website Flybook.com has the following copyright notice at the bottom:

Copyright 2009 By Dialogue Technology USA, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Which makes it a little odd that the contact email in the Notification is a flybook.com email.

More on V5 as HTPC (and the Logitech DiNovo Mini keyboard)

Ok, so Hulu is choppy when displayed on the TV. It is fine on the V5 screen (or, sure seems to be anyway) but on the large TV it is choppy. I assume this is a factor of the video card somehow (??)

But… other than that, this is working quite well.

And I just got a DiNovo Mini keyboard (I purchased it from Dell for $119). These things are LITTLE (typing is more akin to texting) but it seems to be working rather well. The manual that comes with it is pretty non-informative and I’m having a few issues… the skip forward button actually pauses a show in Media Center (regardless of what “mode” I have the unit in) and Fast Skip forward and back don’t appear to do anything. However, just dinking around I discovered that I could press a number button (say… 5) and then the Fast Skip Forward and it skips forward some arcane amount (more than if you do 2-fast skip but less than if you do 8-fast skip – and no, it isn’t minutes). I’m having a lot of luck with 5-fast skip – it seems to take me very close to the end of the commercials. Also, I can use the sleep button (well, actually it is a “Function” combination) to put the laptop to sleep (which is better than my media center remote which only has a button to shut down the laptop) but I can’t figure out how to wake it back up without pressing the button on the V5.

Sorry if this is sketchy… it’s late and I’m sleepy…

Flybook M2? A netbook?

Hey, I was just surfing around the web and found an “M2″ listed on Flybook.com. Appears to be an 11” netbook (no swivel, no touchscreen but GPS?). You can click the [Buy] button, but it doesn’t list a price and says “out of stock.” Curious!

New use for my V5… HTPC?

So it suddenly occurred to me that if I hook my V5 (which now has Windows 7 on it) up to my TV I can watch shows that I have recorded on my desktop (which has a TV capture card). Cool! I just switched the usb dongle and remote that came with the card (and which I never use ’cause I just watch the shows on my monitor with my keyboard and mouse sitting in front of me) over to the V5 and voila. Now, of course, I want a fancy schmancy wireless keyboard to use from my viewing location… like… the Logitech diNovo Mini ($120 from Amazon). Oh, and there is a bit of a hack to get Hulu desktop to run from Media Center.

Jury Duty

Just checking in… nothing new to report. Public WiFi in our City\County building. Flybook saving me from boredom as I brought a book but forgot reading glasses typically I would be ok, but the light is dim.


Observant web-reader Stefen posted the following link from Tablet-Profi.com:  Flybook again promises V6, and a new VM model with HDMI

Anyone have more news???