Battery “standby” times

My little cell-phone battery goes almost a week on standby – I guess I’m not really used to large toys that run on batteries. I hadn’t used the Flybook since I charged it up Saturday night. When I took it out of the bag this morning (Monday), battery was at 58%. Is that typical? I’ll have to remember to always return it to the nightstand and hook it up (I do a lot of my reading/viewing in bed, so placing the charger on the nightstand is the best place for it if I want to take it and go first thing in the morning).

Update 2008-05-24

It occurs to me I should mention that I use “sleep” mode rather than shutting down or using hibernation.


2 Responses

  1. Hi,
    I know it’s an old thread, but perhaps somebody might read this… I found no other information.
    I have a Flybook V5 with XP, everything works allright, BUT it won’t stay in Standby mode: after a while, it wakes up on its own and goes into Hibernation. It isn’t a terrible problem, only at times I’d like to use Standby because it wakes up faster than Hibernation…
    Any idea ?
    Thank you, Giancarlo De Pol

    • Hi GianCarlo,
      have you checked the energy settings in the systems. Here you can define and if and when your system shell go to hibernate.

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