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I am a very pleased owner of a Flybook V5 (from Dialogue Technology). When I started looking at the unit In July of 2007, there wasn’t a lot of information available. I set up this blog to not only connect with other Flybook Owners, but to provide real-world experiences for anyone else looking into purchasing this ultra-portable laptop. Please let me know if there are any questions I can answer for you, and welcome to the Flyblog!


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  1. Hello,
    please let me now how i can change the ram in my flybook v5?

    how i could disassembly my flybook v5?


  2. I’m pretty sure you need to send it in to the service location. My suggestion would be to use the Members Club portion of Dialogue.com.tw to ask them.

  3. i dasesemblt flybook this is not easy, i try to do, if i have add information e write to you

  4. I am trying to find a US distributor for an extra battery for my V5. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  5. Also looking for a good source for a battery.. mine’s down to 30 mins…

    btw Windows7 works great on the V5

  6. I’ve heard replacement batteries are really hard to come by right now. One guy is searching all over the EU for one with limited success. Out of curiosity, did you do the routine of running the system down three times in a row once a month? It’s supposed to keep your battery in better shape.

  7. Hi

    I am (was) a happy owner of the V5 though recentlt the screen went ‘white’.

    Am currently typing this using an external monitor.

    Any ideas?

  8. I once zapped the unit with static electricity and the keyboard was all mucked up until I shut down the unit and removed the battery. Next time up it was fine. But no, I’m afraid I don’t know what kills a screen.

  9. Hello everyone! We always have every color battery available and batteries are not difficult to come by! If anyone needs a battery, accessories, or service for their Flybook, just send an email to nasupport@flybook.com .

    Someone will reply to you immediately and we can overnight most any accessory that is ordered.

  10. By the way, Marcus, send an email to nasupport@flybook.com and you will get help with your broken screen.

  11. hello,i’me new…i’m looking for a guide to disassemble the flybook v5,in order to upgrade the ram…can someone help me

  12. Hello I’m looking to diassemble and upgrade a Flybook VM – can’t even figure out how to get at the memmory and harddrive! Can anyone help?
    Anyone know if the memory can be upgraded to 4GB from 2GB?
    Any help much appreciated – the Dialogue tech website is a chocolate teapot!
    Thanks thanks thanks

  13. yessss…I finally disassembled the Flybook, if someone wants information, I make a guide

    • I would like a copy of the guide as I want to upgrade my HDD and ram. Thanks

      • I have sent a message to gianluca telling him I will post a guide if he makes one since many of us are now out of warranty.

    • salve, puoi mandarmi la guida per smontare il flybook v5?

      hello, you can send me the guide to disassemble the Flybook V5?

    • Please send me info on how to dissassemble and upgrade the RAM.

      Much appreciated.


  14. Wow… brave of you! And it went back together with no parts left over? Congratulations.

  15. Hello, just letting everyone know, if the system is disassembled outside of the service center, your warranty can no longer be covered.

    If anyone needs a service upgrade or RAM upgrade, just contact Flybook techncal support. Email is: nasupport@flybook.com

    Thank you

  16. “And it went back together with no parts left over? “sorry i don’t understand this…i’m not very pratice with english…can you explain it better?

    I disassembled it outside the service center,so i think there is no longer warranty…For me is a personal achievement to disassemble it without any help :)))

  17. My apologies. It was a joke. Congratulations.

  18. Hello,
    we operate two Flybook V5 Hspda on helicopters for search and rescue operation. We use them always in tablet pc mode an I was wondering if there is a registry setting to disable, by default, the auto brightness function. Our OS is Win XP.
    Any help appreciated

  19. Piergiorgio,

    You can turn off autobrightness using the Flybook Utility (blue F in the taskbar, or run it from the Start menu).

    In the “left-hand” third of the utility, you can click the Sun icon at the top of the brightness slider. You will now see the red universal “not” symbol over it, indicating that autobrightness is off. You can set the slider to the brightness level you want it to stay at.

    However… I believe Vista Power Option settings can override the brightness level. Go into Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Power Options and change the plan settings for the selected power plan. There will be slider for brightness for both battery and power-cord.

    Hope that does what you need. Welcome to the Flyblog.

  20. Piergiorgio,

    Thank you for posting your question on Flyblog. Piergiorgio, I am with Flybook in the support group. Can you please send your contact information and an email to nasupport@flybook.com and we will open a case for you and resolve your problems.

    We are doing a lot in the aviation space and we would love to also hear how you are using your Flybooks in your search and rescue operation.

    Please reach out to us at Flybook and we would love to open a dialogue to discuss your issues, make sure your Flybooks are the most current configuration and see how you are using your Flybooks in the cockpits of your rotorcraft.

    Thank you very much.

    Paul Sitar
    Flybook Technical Support

  21. hi i want to add the wireless wan minicard to my flybook V5.I already have a sierra wireless MC8775 module,but i don’t know how to insert it and how to insert the sim card because my notebook is model v5w1bb.
    can someone help me?

    i’m the that add the ram,but unfortunately i’ve lost the guide i’ve made…i’ll try to remake it….

  22. Gianluca… I can’t help with the minicard – my V5 came with it already installed (I thought they all did?). You remove the battery to install the sim card. Maybe someone else can give you some help.

  23. Check out Urban Dictionary’s definition of “flybook”:


  24. Hi guys,
    I disassembled the flybook, and is not so difficult, just follow this guide: http://www.gottabemobile.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=7615&title=flybook-v5-disassembly
    My problem now is to open the screen part, I almost finish but I can’t open the bottom of the screen when there is the rotating module.
    I’m afraid if I will put too much pressure I can break…
    I need to open because the sreen is broken and I need to change, someone can help or give a suggestions?



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