Flybook has terminated its distributorship with Dialogue Technology USA Corp.

Watchful Flybook Owner Ernst found this Notification on the website (you have to click the “Notification” link in the site’s toolbar):

A Friendly Notice:

Please note that, effective from May-17-2010, Flybook had terminated its distributorship withDialogue Technology USA Corp., the company who was previously assigned as the soledistributor for Flybook’s distribution Business for the territory of North America.Flybook apologizes for any inconvenience that may be caused by this change, if there is.For any future inquiry about flybook, please kindly contact would like to provide the best assistance to your inquiry in the way that it can figureout the best. Thank you truly for your concern and continued support with Flybook.
Flybook Logo

Ernst also points out that the website has the following copyright notice at the bottom:

Copyright 2009 By Dialogue Technology USA, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Which makes it a little odd that the contact email in the Notification is a email.


15 Responses

  1., (which I always assumed was the “parent” company) still has its latest news as something from 2008. I fear we are seeing the death-throws of a once promising line of computers.

    • Think sadly you are spot on there Newt.
      We lost support here in the UK and europe a while back now, and I do feel for anyone who has a unit that goes wrong under warranty after that Notification on there website.
      If not already, I can see anyone with a fault or needs spares or repairs having to send direct back to Taiwan and sending machines half way around the world is going to suffer from huge delays and stuff getting lost.
      Flybook surely has to be in trouble, as it makes no buisness sense to sell a premuim product that was avaible in many countries when they launched there great line at the time, and now just close most of the worldwide support down. Unless you live in the country where they are made, it makes no sense to me to think of buying one.
      Indeed I agree with Newt, the end of the road is coming here and would not be suprised myself to see a lot of discounts to clear there remaining stock out.
      You cant charge such a premuim for a range like they had and give no local support.
      Would be intresting to know what people who had flybooks are upgrading to now?

      • Not sure where I’ll turn next, but luckily, my V5 is still going strong and getting the job done. My new HTC Evo, with the Android 2.2 upgrade is able to also access my software I support, so I have a fall-back if/when the V5 dies.

  2. Well I’m pissed at Dialogue! My father sent in his Flybook for repair and after US CEO cleared it of being stolen, (He bought it on Ebay). He never returned it. It’s been 7+ months. Makes you wonder how business has been handled. I agree that it’s a great computer well ahead of the curve. I look forward to seeing more from Flybook. Don’t give up the fight. And we really would like to get the computer back.

  3. I sent an email to It came back as undeliverable.

    • To Michael Jordan: did you try nasales@flybook ?

      • Michael, I noticed that too (the missing e in the email address)… was that just a typo in your Flyblog post or did you, perchance, send it out that way?

      • Yeah, I missed that. I just clicked on the link in the original post and didn’t even think to check it for errors.

        I’m currently online with Crystal in taiwan, to see if I can’t get something done through them.

        I’ll let you folks know how it goes.

      • Great! Please do let us know whatever you learn.

  4. I’ve located another email on the site and I have emailed them. When/if I hear anything I will respond back to let everyone know what happens.

  5. Uhm, sorry to get a pedantic here, but I found something else a bit interesting. On the website, if you click on the little news icon at the bottom there is a notice from three years ago that effectively says the same thing. Funny thing – however they’ve done the page up, I can’t seem to copy it. Otherwise I’d post it here. I’ve never run across a page before where I couldn’t select a bit of text and then right click and copy.

    Anyway, sorry to go on, but I thought this related.

  6. Note that I do have documentation showing that I have never received what I paid for. Here’s the official results from Crystal at Flybook. I feel sorry for you other folks that Flybook has ripped off as well:

    Dear Michael,

    We have to say sorry to you that we are unable to send you a new system because of the reasons of below.

    1. We never promise Roland to replace any new unit to anyone. Moreover, we never know what Roland had promised to customer.
    He also lied us and never tell the truth to us. That’s why we have to terminate the sales relationship with Roland.

    2. We checked the series number V501082000908 of your V5 on our contact last time of December 2008, the V5 you bought which
    is a new machine when we ship to Roland on May same year.

    3. We can take over the repair of your V5 in here, Head Office in Taiwan if you like us to repair your system however.

    Anyway, we won’t handle the issues with what Roland promised by he personally and the things we never know nor be noted.

    Sorry! And thank you!

    Crystal Fang
    Head Office of FlyBook

    • Hmm… it seems to me their obligation is based on the date of their termination agreement, but… sadly, I think you’re out the money. UGH.

  7. Hi Guys,

    I feel very sorry for the losses experienced and what i have to say is not good news . I was a previous owner of a Flybbok company in 2005/2006 in South . I was part owner of Holbe Dialogue Africa and we had the sole distribution right for sub_saharan Africa and Australasia . You see this company exploded onto the scene with Holbe dialogue Europe (Gino and Alan d’Noforio) . Our dealings were mainly through them they controlled the business plan for the distribution throughout the world . Jack Lee concentrated on the manufacturing and RND . When that realtionship broke down( for unknown reasons, but i think they could see the writing on the wall) that was the beginning of the end for Flybook as the entire European,Middle East and african dealership chain collapsed. The only place they had left to target was America . Fortunately , i was clever enough to see the writting on the wall long before all this happened , unfortunately even at that early stage i ended up loosing alot of money and still today i am paying of debt in relation to Flybook.That coming almost destroyed me.The product was great , but unfortunately Jack Lee is technically smart , but not good at business and that is why he needed Gino and Alan.
    Kind Regard
    Ryan Walker

  8. Sorry for all the typing mistakes above it was written in a rush

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