Anyone have Windows 7 on their V5 yet?

When my V5 gets back from service, I plan on rebuilding it with the Windows 7 RTM. Anyone done this already and have any words of wisdom (cautionary tales) for me?


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  1. I am sure that you will really like Windows 7. I have installed it on a V33i since the beta was released with no regret. However, you may have some problems with drivers, like the fingerprint reader. For the rest the Vista drivers should work, or new drivers will be available through MS-Update.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Ernst. Are you using Authentec’s Windows 7 Beta driver?

  3. Actually I am using no driver at all as the V33i does not have a fingerprint reader. 😉

    • @Ernst,

      you got windows 7 running on v33i? Did you have any problems with the graphics? My radeon xpress 200 wasnt detected and im runing on low res. Tried installing vista drivers somehow managed to get 7 to detect and graphic shows up as “ati radeon xpress series” but it reboots into a black screen all the time and it won’t let me go into 1024×600

      Any idea? gonna try the v5 display driver.


  4. I love the fingerprint reader – I purchased one for my desktop as well (an Eikon).

  5. I successfully installed Windows 7 Ultimate RTM 32bit on my flybook V5, 2GB RAM, 80GB HDD, WinXP downgrade from Vista and it recognized almost all the devices. I used the VISTA driver for the remaining ones and now it’s working without any problem. It’s very fast, very faster than WinXP.

  6. darklordz, do you remember if you had to do something special for the fingerpint reader? I can’t get Vitakey to recognize it.

  7. Hello friends. I installed Windows 7 on my Flybook V5 and some drivers did not work correctly. The driver of web cam and fingerprint reader remain without work. Could help me identify the correct drivers?


    • At first I didn’t think my webcam was working but then I realized I didn’t have it turned on (Function + Alt). Once on, the “Flybook Camera” was recognized and a driver was automatically downloaded and installed.

      The fingerprint driver that was installed with Windows 7 works fine for me (as does the beta driver on the Authentec website). If I go to Device Manager, it is working property and I can use it to log onto Windows. Vitakey, however, doesn’t recognise the device.

  8. Another problem encountered: the touchscreen driver does not work correctly with the stylus while in tablet mode. I have done the calibration several times and yet I notice that sometimes the pen by putting a mark other than that I play on screen.

    Someone has experienced the same problem?

    Thanks fo all!

    • I was having the same issue but running the Windows 7 calibration tool (i.e., not the *Dialogue* calibratio) took care of it.

  9. I’ll remove the original driver and try to correct with his own tool windows 7. Strangely enough, when I enter the panel size on the button to remove the settings remains inactive. I’ll try to hit and put the results. Thanks again!

    • Actually, I used the Dialogue touchscreen driver (the Vista driver), but instead of running the calibration tool from Flybook I ran the calibration tool that came with Windows 7 (Control Panel -> Tablet PC Settings).

  10. After several attempts I could calibrate the touchscreen
    correctly. It was necessary to completely remove the device by device manager. Now, only with the native tool in
    own windows 7 could hit everything. Thank you! Another thing: I need buy the cover of smartcards someone would have to be sent to

  11. No problem friend. We exchange information anyway. If you know of someone, please let me know. Now we need the same fingerprint to make it fully functional with Windows 7. I also could not put in place the function WWAN but for lack of service in Brazil.

  12. I have still unrecognized Hardware.

    Intel(R) 82801GBM (ICH7-M/U) LPC Interface Controller – 27B9
    Details: ACPI\DCOFB50

    Does anybody know which driver I need for this?



    • My system is using an old driver ver. 6.1.7600.16385 dated 6/21/2006 that it automatically installed. What happens when you Click “update driver” button in device manager?

  13. Hi,
    About the “Intel(R) 82801GBM (ICH7-M/U) LPC Interface Controller – 27B9”
    The following resolved it for me.
    highlight the item in device manager and right click and update driver, dont connect to the internet, select choose from list and scroll through the list until you find
    system devices/chipset,intel,ICH7-M and install this.
    Everything works like a charme now.

  14. Worke with Win7 the UMTS/Hpsdpa Module ? Programm? Alex

    • Yes, the WLAN works fine. Download the latest 3G Watcher from

      • Thank you.
        other question. i have a 2 GB Ram modul insert. the other slot ist empty is ist possible to upgrade 4GB Ram. Flybook is around 2 years old?
        An all restart i have to go in the bios to set the date and time. think the bios batterie ist damage. where in europa can get this batteri <(CR1220) with a cabel?

    • My 2 year old V5 now has 4 GB of RAM in it (I didn’t do it myself – Flybook did it when it was in for repairs). Sorry, I don’t know anything about the BIOS battery… hopefully someone else?

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