New Flybook (netbook?) Model coming?

FWS (Found While Surfing):

DTC shows off 11.6-inch Flybook at Computex

Seems Dialogue was showing off a new unit back in June. I assuming from the brief specs that it is some kind of netbook(?) The article suggests an asking price of $400.

I’m not sure I get the bigger netbooks. If I’m going to haul something that large around, I would want it to be a fully functioning laptop (and no, I don’t want to haul something that large around).


5 Responses

  1. Another link – bottom video actually shows the Flybook “mini notebook” (still thinking netbook):

  2. Here is the same video, but they list in the text “1366×768 resolution”:

    Watching a 1080p video with 30% CPU utilization.

  3. I think that these models won’t make you happy, I won’t even look at them as there is to much wrong with them. Firstly the display is too large for a netbook and too large to carry around conveniently. Then the processor and chipset are not Intel, meaning YMMV with performance and VT. I have already had to replace VIA based systems in the past because of incompatibility with Intel X86 architecture. (meaning: don’t expect XP-Mode to work under Windows 7 on this system). To me this system is targetted for another market much below the V5 level.

    • Oh I agree… not for me! But… I do want to see what they come up with; netbooks fill the needs of a lot of people.

    • I don’t know anything about VIA based systems so I will have to defer to you on that.

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