Vitakey Upgrade – now works with IE8!

Thank you so much to Egistec Customer Support who posted comments on the Flyblog today to let us know about the upgrade to Vitakey (which just came out today, so kudos for the timely information). The good news is, it now works with IE8. The bad news, for those of you who used the “protected files” feature – that’s been abandoned and you’ll need to extract your files from the protection before installing and using the new version or you won’t have access to those files.

I have installed the upgrade and it appears to be working well.

You can find the update here. ( (note: this is a 52MB file)

Per the instructions:

Please follow these steps to install the Patch:
1. Unprotect all your protected files
2. Uninstall previous VITAKEY from control panel and reboot PC
3. Install this Patch and follow the steps on screen
4. Reboot PC

I would add to that being sure to check the box to backup you user data file during the uninstall process.

Unlike in the past, you do*not* need to enter your serial number again.

This updated build is only for VITAKEY 5 users which carried the AuthenTec branded fingerprint sensor.

How to check the sensor brand?
1. Go to ‘Control Panel\System and Maintenance\System’
2. Click on ‘Device Manager’
3. Right Click ‘fingerprint coprocessor’ under ‘Biometric’ and select ‘Properties’
4. Find the Manufacturer brand name in the ‘General’ tab


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  1. Hey Flybook… why haven’t you posted this update as a download on your website?

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