Wow… long time… just checking in

Has it really been that long since I last posted? I’m not one to just rattle on to see my own words in print, but I probably should check in with the world now and again. Hopefully, I have kept up with approving posts in a timely manner. I’m annoyed by the whole approval process, but it is necessary as people insist on posting items that are off-topic to my site (not talking about spam exactly – WordPress’s spam cather does a remarkable job with those).

Since the burglary in January, my little V5 has seen some HEAVY usage. I’m trying to remember to do the “run it all the way down a couple of times” routine with the battery at least once a month, but I think I’m starting to see some battery aging – it ran out on me durng a client meeting yesterday (luckily, at the tail end of the meeting). I’ll need to do some testing to see where I’m at on battery life.

One bit of paranoia to come out of the burglary – I do notleave home without my Flybook; not even to run to the drug store on the corner. In my line of work, being without a computer, even for a few days, would be a career killer. It certainly confirms to me that I don’t want a unit that would be any larger and/or heavier. I’m always amused (and, admittedly, irked) by people who complain at the cost of the V5 because they can buy a 17″ laptop for much cheaper… uh… yeah… so? For me, the point of the unit is its size (ok, and the touchscreen). Trust me, I would not be hauling a 17″ laptop to tai chi class!

Looking forward to hearing some announcements out of Dialogue/Flybook… over a year and a half since the V5 became readily available…


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