No sand in my Fly

Haven’t blogged in a while… the unit continues to perform marvelously. I’m currently sitting on a bench at Laguna Beach, California (with an HSDPA connection) with the waves crashing against the sandy beaches in the early morning sun (ok, and watching the lifeguard as he goes for a swim). I’m sitting on a bench on the bar side of the boardwalk to avoid getting sand in the unit (that would be bad) but the view is still spectacular and it is so cool that I can sit here to get some work done. I love traveling with the Flybook. I’m not big on carry-ons so it’s really just a small purse into which I fit the Flybook, a pen, a slim wallet, and my travel documents. Well, and I’m reading a printed book right now (vs. an ebook) that I just didn’t want to take a break from so it’s in there too. Going back to Indianapolis tomorrow, I have a *really* tight connection in Huston tomorrow (Wed) so if anyone happens to see a woman running through the airport with a small purse clutched tightly to her chest, that would be me.


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