New version of 3G Watcher and new BIOS

My periodic check of found the following updates:

There is a new version of 3G Watcher (R2.6.0.3 build 1701) as part of the large WWAN download (as usual, they haven’t updated the posted date… sigh)

There is a new BIOS version (dated 05/30/08 but with posted date of 07/01/08 )

I’ll check out the 3G Watcher, but I’m happy with my older (all wireless in tablet mode) BIOS. If anyone applies it, please let us know your results.

I’ve updated the information on the Vista Drivers page.

Update: 2008-08-03

It occurs to me that I didn’t list the usual warning about recent BIOS upgrades disabling the use of wireless options while in tablet mode. Read related posts (like this one).


10 Responses

  1. I can indicate the procedure to upgrade the bios of my v5?
    I do not have a CD player. with usb? how?

    Many thanks

  2. Marco,

    You can put the update on a USB Flash Drive as long as it comes before your hard drive in the System Boot Priority Order.

    To change boot priority order:

    Shut down your PC
    Start PC and hit [Enter] at the red screen
    Select “System Settings” option
    Go to [Boot] tab
    Arrow down to “USB KEY”
    Use [Shift]-[+] to move it above the IDE HDD option
    Go to [Exit] tab
    Select “Exit Saving Changes”

    Warning: the BIOS update may disable the wireless options while in tablet mode. Read blog post:

  3. Thanks, but the pen must be empty and formatted? I have to only insert the file .iso, enough?


  4. I have never done it. I have created a post Update Flybook V5 BIOS Using Flash Drive asking if anyone has done this.

  5. hi dear
    can you send the new version 3g watcher
    to me e mail


  6. Bandar,

    Just go to the website – click on English, and when the new window opens, click the download icon (looks like a towel hanging from a towel bar to me – not sure what it is supposed to be). You want to download the option called “WWAN Driver and AP / HSDPA model Bootloader / HSDPA module firmware (XP & Vista)” – it contains the latest 3G Watcher.

  7. @Bandar:
    Too bad the latest version of 3G Watcher is R3.0.0.1 build 1761. 😦

  8. The latest version on appears to be a R3.0.0.4 build 1788. I’ve never tried installing one directly from their site (i.e., that hadn’t be released to us by Dialogue).

  9. HI, Please help me to find program 3g-watcher , who know where i can download it, Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Vova, If you have a Flybook, you can join the Members section of and download it. Otherwise, I suggest you go through the manufacturer of your laptop, or try to fine it on Sierra’s website.

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