Whipping it out…

I don’t drive, which means I walk, bus, and bike everywhere. Hence, the Flybook V5! Today I received a call from a cliet while walking to Starbucks. I tried guiding him through the issue just over the phone, but it wasn’t working. So… I whipped out the V5 (I typically only put it to Sleep so that it starts up quickly), connected up to AT&T, did a fingerprint login to the ASP I support and was able to walk him through using specific field and button names (while standing in the middle of the sidewalk). Ta da! The V5 paying for itself. Just had to gloat.

Right now I’m at Starbucks, using their free 2 hours of WIFI (2 consecutive hours every day as long as you have a registered Starbucks card that you have used in the last 30 days). I’m treating myself for having finished my WBE Certification form. I’m getting it notarized tomorrow and then walking it to the Indiana Dept. of Administration. I’ve had my company (Digital Runes) for 8 years now – 6 of which it has been my sole income-maker, but I have never needed the WBE status. One of my clients called on Wednesday asking me to submit for it so that they can get credit for using me as a sub (work, yeah!) and wow…what a lot of paperwork! While I’m at it, I figure I’ll register with the Small Busiess Association (SBA) as well. Wish me luck!

Ok, so one of the things I had to submit was a list of equipment. Does 5 computers sound excessive for one person? Although, in all honesty, with the arrival of the Flybook I haven’t hardly touched my 15″ laptop (I just haven’t figured out how to retire it IRS-wise). 


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