has some new, and not-so-new “new” drivers

Dialogue seems to be in transition… some drivers are available on (Member’s Club) while a small set are available on Some seem to be slightly different versions.

Display Driver, for example, still shows the Vista Display Driver 157 dated 2007/12/10 which, when last downloaded (back in December), gave me version: I haven’t tried downloading it again to see what it is – I have noticed them sometimes changing the actual downloadable file without updating the date. has a Display Driver 157 which it describes as “Version: 1.5.7 Date: 28/05/2008”

I downloaded the zip file and double-clicked on Setup.exe  (dated 1/24/08 if anyone is curious)

A window opened proclaiming this to be Package 42042
You then see the Production Version Release notes that say

*  Microsoft Windows Vista*                                                     
*  Driver Revision: PV 15.7
*  Package: 41651
*  Graphics:
*  HDMI Audio:                                                        
*  November 12, 2007

Huh. I didn’t continue with the install because some time between installing the update last December, and today, Windows Update delivered an updated driver:

Intel driver date 2/11/08


LAN Driver has Lan Driver 6200 (dated 2007/12/10. When I downloaded this driver last December, it was ver 198.1003.2007. has:

Flybook V5 Windows Vista LAN Drivers described as: Version: 6200 Date: 28/05/2008

When you open the zip, the Release Notes (dated 10/03/2007) list this as: Version 6.200.1130.2007. I guess I assume that it is dated 11/30/07 from the version number (but what do I know?) Most of files are dated 12/06/07, for what it is worth.

I currently have installed the Realtek NIC driver: 6.198.1003.2007, (looks like 10/03/2007 to me) so I thought… sure!

However, when I ran Setup.exe, it brought me to a screen where my only options were Repair and Remove. Hmmm… I removed. And then ran Setup.exe again.

I ended up with the newer 6.200.1130.2007 version. Instead of doing the remove/install, I could have gone through Device Maager and updated the driver by pointing to the new one.

====== also has the old (April, 2007) touch screen driver and the Flybook Utility version On this is bundled as part of a WWAN upgrade that includes 3g Watcher, bookloader, firmware update, camera driver, etc.

Odd, though, that these are the ONLY drivers lists.

Update 2008-06-17

Actually, it looks like these drivers are on the website, but when they were posted, the date wasn’t changed so I wasn’t noticing.  I have called this to their attention. I’ll take a stab at updating the Vista Drivers page as soon as I figure out what is new.


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