Reported Vista SP1 Issues

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Vista SP1 has not shown up on Windows Update for my V5. The most likely reason for this is that one (or more) of the V5’s drivers is incompatible with SP1. I’ve thought about applying the service pack manually, but just can’t get up the energy to deal with the fallout.

Reports in from other Flybook V5 owners:

Tom replied to the earlier post that he had applied SP1 but did it from a fresh install and without most of the V5 native drivers.

Ernie did apply SP1 manually on a V33i (corrected 2008-05-25) and has this to say:

Vista does recognize the PCMCIA but does not recognize the SD Card in the PCMCIA Card Reader. Meaning the PCMCIA card reader is unusable under Vista, and a Compact Flash adapter has the same problem. Research shows that the problem seems to be known and related to the Ricoh Cardbus controller.

Thanks guys… anyone else have experiences with SP1?

I sent an email off to “Philip” at asking if he knows the status of SP1 and the V5 drivers. I’ll report when I get a response.

Update 2008-05-25 5:59p

The V5 has the AuthenTec AES2501A fingerprint sensor. My current driver is ver dated 2/22/07. This is listed as a driver that doesn’t play well with Vista SP1 (anything earlier than I tried updating the driver to the latest version (, but then Vitakey wouldn’t recognize the fingerprint device. Aargh. I would just love to ditch the problematic Vitakey software… any suggestions? However, in lieu of that, I rolled back and have contacted Egistec asking about a Vitakey upgrade.


2 Responses

  1. Slight correction – SP1 was applied to Vista on an V33i and not the V5. However the result could be similar if the same PCMCIA chipset is used on both models.

    While at it a small warning for XP users on the V33i (and maybe V23i): After applying SP3 the screen rotation does not work anymore.

  2. Ha… I should have caught that. The V5 has an Expresscard 54 slot (eliminates the CardBus controller by using direct connections to PCI-Express and USB ports in the host).

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