AT&T Update: Unlimited DataConnect plan no longer “unlimited”

As I’ve posted before, I have an Unlimited DataConnect plan from AT&T for $60/month. However, if you go looking for it now, you won’t find it. AT&T has apparently done away with “unlimited” in favor of a $60/month plan with a 5GB maximum. Practically speaking, even if this did affect me, it wouldn’t – my maximum data usage in a month was 284MB. But I just thought I should mention it in case anyone was looking for it.

In fact, they currently only have 1 DataConnect plan (the above-mentioned 5GB), so they have apparently done away with the feeble 10MB plan as well that some people were initially signed up for (much to their regret).

They used to have another plan that let you combine DataConnect with WiFi access where available, but I don’t see that plan either. Now that Starbucks has jumped ship from T-mobile to AT&T, that might have greater appeal (although if you have a Starbucks card, you are supposed to get 2-hours of WiFi a day for free).


4 Responses

  1. I recently purchased the data connect plan (12/27/08 ) thinking that it was unlimited and now my bill is $1300 more than it should be. The sales person led me to believe that this was unlimited. I talked with him about several options for internet comparable to companies such as Time Warner but portable even the option of connecting through the device. The worst thing about this is I called 611 to talk to them about the device not working properly and I heard that my balance was $1500. Oddly enough, none of the paperwork notates that it is only 5G; so how is someone to know? I will be returning the device and fighting this. If I have to end up paying for the salesperson’s error, I’m canceling my cell phone contract with them. Well, enough about this; I’m still a bit on the furious side…

  2. That is really too bad. The fine print also has language indicating that it isn’t to be used in the home in place of standard internet access (I don’t have the exact language) which is what it sounds like you were asking about. I would think the sales person should definitely have made this clear.

  3. i got mine about last january or february i guess at the unlimited rate and my plan is 5g but i go every alot and they do not charge me usage charges. they cant turn it around on me since i got it before right?

  4. I have had the sierra wireless data connect card for my laptop with At&t for the last five years. It came with unlimited data usage. Recently I was contacted via email from At&t warning me of high data usage and that if I go over 5GB they will suspend my service til the new billing cycle begins. I was confused because I have unlimited data usage. I checked my bill and it still referencesunlimited internet. So I called At&t customer service and was told that they no longer offer unlimited data and that they only offer 5GB maximum and anything over that 5GB will be .05 cents a mb. I am so upset and wonder how they can discontinue a plan that I have had for 5 years. If they don’t want to offer that plan anymore than don’t offer it to new customers, but don’t penalize your loyal customers. Anyone else have this problem? Anyone have any suggestions on where I should go for unlimited data package. I have been checking online and I’m noticing other companies offering unlimited data on 4G and the 5GB ceiling on 3G. But if you can’t get 4G in your area what do you do? I really upset with At&t right now!

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