Playing with “not a Microsoft product” Inkseine

Jim Sparkman asked me if I had done anything with Inkseine (and helpfully included a link).

Why no! I hadn’t!

InkSeine is a prototype ink application from Microsoft Research. It is designed from the ground up to have a user interface uniquely tailored to pen input.

It is described as “Windows Journal on steroids” and they say it is meant to complement OneNote (at the same time the print at the bottom specifically says it is *not* a Microsoft product). I’ve been playing with it all morning and it’s making me think I might want to go all-tablet-all-the-time at some undetermined time in the future. It is definitely just a prototype at this point, but they are looking for people to play with it and comment on it (there is a GottaBeMobile forum that Microsoft Research links you to).

It seems to be have been designed with both active and passive digitizing displays in mind. While it advertises “no taps” – you typically *can* tap and get the same results as hover… except you can’t hover over a page to see a small preview of it (but on a unit like the V5, you would have to have superior eyesight to get anything out of a page preview anyway). It also takes into account that UMPC devices may have unusual screen resolutions.

Ken Hinckley, whose project it appears to be, has compiled a list of “features” that is very illustrative. He has an official Inkseine blog called “The AlpineInker.”


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  1. As a matter of record. Inkseine is only cool if you can use wireless options in tablet mode.

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