Awakened by an Earthquake in Indiana

ok, it has absolutely nothing to do with my Flybook… just thought I would mention it. Happened at 5:39 this morning. It was very rhythmic – my first thought was some major piece of equipment outside. My hanging wine glasses started tinkling together and the pocket door on my bathroom was rattling. I’ve been in four earthquakes now… and every time I was in bed. Coincidence?

Update: 2008-04-18

Found this USGS link on another blog. It has all the details. Scroll down to where it says “Did you feel it?” link and you can document your assessment of what you experienced.

Update: 2008-04-18 11:15am

AFTERSHOCK!  ANOTHER QUAKE! Or…. what exactly is the difference?

And I was in the middle of updating this blog entry and IMing with a friend about the quake when the bookshelves in my den started thumping. Only the one shakeup, but definitely could be felt. Another friend IMed me asking if I felt it (he is in downtown Indy – the first friend, 60 miles NW of Indy didn’t feel the aftershock).

11:35am: The second “event” was rated as a 4.5 by USGS This Link shows both shocks.

12:09pm: Oh, this is cool. Map shows how the effects travel further in the mid-west than in California.

12:20pm: Second one upgraded by USGS to a 4.6



2 Responses

  1. Really?!? I didn’t feel it at all! Darn, always wanted to feel what an earthquake was like (small one that is).

  2. Here’s hoping you at least got to experience the aftershock (I can say something like that because there are no reported injuries so far).

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