The new V5s

Pretty much all the websites are now listing the new specs (primarily, that’s the U7600 processor) but all are showing delays or back-order status. Evidently there is a bit of a pipeline issue… hopefully it can get worked out so that the units are more readily available (we are, after all, an instant-gratification society). While the spec says it can be ordered with up to 4GB of memory, I have yet to find a site that lets you actually do that (they all still seem to be limited to 2GB). I’m assuming you can contact the dealer and work out an arrangement for a 3GB or 4GB unit, but I can’t report on what kind of additional cost you would be looking at.

And dealers out there care to weigh in on this? Or Dialogue personnel?

Update 2008-04-12

I have received confirmation (via a comment on the blog) that the new units are indeed coming with the wireless options shut down when the unit is in tablet mode. This really sucks. I STRONGLY urge Dialogue to work with the FCC to get this requirement rescinded. How is it possible that other “convertible” units don’t have this requirement?


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  1. Received an email from Arthur Lee of RCS Experience. He has some VMs in stock and hopes to have the new V5’s shortly. He says they aren’t so much backordered as the initial batch hasn’t reached him yet.

  2. Flybook V5 is now in-stock at J&R Electronics (US)

    Currently $2600 for black and silver, and an extra $100 for gold. All with free shipping, at the moment. I have no affiliation with, but have purchased from them several times with good results.

    Few questions for BNewt or other V5 users:

    1) Are there any doors on the underside of the V5 to upgrade the 1.8″ hard disk and RAM?

    2) Is the LCD display LED backlit?

    3) Does the V5 ship with restore discs for Vista?

    4) What is the average real-world battery life for wi-fi web browsing? For video (DivX) playback?


  3. I’ve purchased items from J&R myself – I agree; very reliable source. Thanks for the tip – that’s a GREAT price (with the free shipping).

    1) Unlike previous Flybook models, with the V5 you violate the warranty if you try to upgrade the unit yourself (but there is a single screw-on plate that would get you to all the goodies)

    2) Eeep, tech question. I’m saying no; it’s a standard LCD… anyone have a better answer?

    3) What, like people actually look at the CDs that come with the unit? Geez, I don’t even know where they are right now, but I think no; you have to create your own

    4) I used Battery Eater to simulate worst-case – use the Tags drop-down on the right of the blog screen to filter on blog entries dealing with battery life. In general, I’ve found battery life very satisfactory in real life scenarios.

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