Updated Flybook V5 Specs

Love my V5, love it, love it… but… those of you considering purchasing one now, may get a little bit sweeter deal. The latest V5s off the assembly line have the Intel® Core 2 Duo® ULV U7600 chip (mine is only a Core Duo). According to Dialogue in Memphis, the new units also come with a new, springy-er keyboard, and a newer fan that should get you a bit more battery life (runs faster and in shorter bursts, allowing CPU to run a little cooler). You also now have the option of ordering your system with up to 4GB of RAM (although warning, you’ll only be able to access 3.25GB – this is a Microsoft/Windows thing – I’ve run into it with my desktop as well).

Take extra care when ordering to see that you get one of these new machines vs. what a company already has in stock (you’ll probably have a wait time, though, so it is up to you).


3 Responses

  1. Without slogging my way through Intel specs… does anyone know what kind of performance improvement a person would see with the U7600 vs. the U2500? Just curious.

  2. BTW, quick note from Patrick at Flybookus.com… all of the new V5s are coming with the new U7600 Intel Santa Rosa chip and there is no price increase.

  3. Note that with Vista SP1 the system settings will report that you have 4 GB – this is simply a design change that Vista correctly reports the _installed_ RAM. The 3 GB limit that is _used_ remains unchanged – just in case you wonder what is going on 🙂

    Regarding the U7600, it seems that V5 with U7600 is generally available in Germany as the German distributor now officially lists that CPU in the technical data of V5.

    Greetings Stefen

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