My Flybook is back in the fold

Yep, received the unit back this morning. Really quick turn-around. Needless to say, I gingerly used the battery lock to open up the unit and reinsert my SIM. Seems to be working just fine, however.

The keyboard feels different. I assume they did have to take the unit all apart in order to fix the battery lock. I can’t really say for sure that the keyboard feels different, but it seems like it bounces more as I type (???) almost like it had a cushioning layer behind it previously that it no longer has? Could be completely psychological. It isn’t slowing me down any certainly and the accuracy is just as it was.

Update 2008-03-29

Aha! It’s a different keyboard. I thought it felt funny. It also *looked* funny. There used to be a GPS icon on the [Shift] key and a camera icon on the [Alt] key. What’s up with that? I pulled up one of my unboxing photos and it is definitely different. This one has a light-bulb icon on the [Esc] key – I can’t figure out what it does. The icon that *used* to be on the [Esc] key, the one for switching monitors is now on the [~] key.

Different lighting conditions account for most of the difference between these two photos, but check out the keys I mentioned.

Old KeyboardNew keyboard that came back with the unit

BTW, I had removed the other sticker that you see in the first photo.

F5 – F7 keys are different as well. [F5] on the old keyboard was mute while it is [F7] on the new one.

It is nice to know I haven’t gone completely batty. I suppose the good news is my [6] key no longer occasionally sticks.

Another Udate 2008-03-29

Upon further exploration, the [Fn]+function keys still behave as they used to… regardless of the icon on [F5], it is till Mute. [F6] is volume down and [F7] is volume up. Ha.

[Fn]-[Alt] does still control the camera and [Fn]-[Shift] still appears to do nothing at all (GPS Please!).

Third Update 2008-03-29

Word from Dialogue… while they were at it, they swapped out the keyboard for the one that is shipping on all new V5s. The keyboard is supposed to be “springy-er” and have longer wear-life. I was actually thinking I might be typing a little faster on it, even before I heard that info. I just need to get used to the different tactile experience. They will be sending me the [F5]-[F7] keys from my old keyboard so that I can swap them out… the two keyboards are *supposed* to be swapable, but I obviously ran into an oddity with the volume functions. I should be able to pop out the keys and replace them easily enough. If anyone gets a unit with the new keyboard, let me know how your Function keys behave… I’m curious now.

 Oh… and I was customer Number 1! They’ve already received another one after me.


4 Responses

  1. As a engineer who services and repairs the flybook range myself, that is a impressive turn around time 🙂
    For sure the unit has to come apart to get to the lock problem you had, and that always means the keyboard has to come off.
    Sometimes it can feel springy if the 3 clips at the top of the keyboard have not snapped into place correctly though.
    Normally the difference between a v33i keyboard and a v5 one is the ALT key and the other key you pointed out has a different image on it.
    It performs the same way though, as its the same keyboard through all there v23i – v5 models, just different images as u have seen.

  2. Re: turn-around time – I’m assuming it will depend upon whether or not it is an easily diagnosed problem and fixable with parts on hand (as this was). The keyboard itself doesn’t feel loose in the chassis at all, but there is definitely more vibration throughout all the keys as I type. The F5-F7 keys are really an oddity as they do the same functions but in a different order (well, the same order they did before, but now they don’t match up with the images on the new keyboard). So… it may be a v33i keyboard? It makes sense as it doesn’t have graphics for GPS and Camera. It’s possible something happened to mine when they took it out and that’s what they had on hand as a replacement part. It’s functional.

  3. Graham, you sweetheart! I pushed down on the keys near the clips with a little extra force and heard a “click” – vibration gone! My hero!

  4. Your welcome, I know that many a time I have put these back together and the keyboard does not fully seat back under those clips, sometimes you have to push down and use a small needle to encourage the clips to fully snap out 😉
    Hopefully now your V5 gives you many hours of trouble free service. One note I would add to all those using these is please if you intend not using it for a while, make sure the battery has around 50% charge in it and then store the unit without the battery in the flybook. Leaving the battery in these has caused some to go way past flat and wont charge up again, and these batteries are quite expensive to replace.

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