Anyone taken their Flybook to Europe recently?

I’m looking for connectivity specifics… did you do an International Roam option through AT&T? Did you buy a SIM through a European agency? How were speeds? Coverage? What did it end up costing you?


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  1. Hi,

    I’ve had my Flybook V5 over in Europe several times in the year since I’ve had it, and my AT&T roaming plan works great, although it’s expensive as ****. A great alternative I’ve found is Boingo’s Global plan. It’s $40 a month, and it gives you unlimited WiFi access to tens of thousands of hotspots worldwide. On my last trip to Germany I don’t think I was ever more than five minutes from a hotspot I could use with Boingo.

    Plus the fact throughput is much better!


  2. Patrick of told me that his business partner purchased a “local” SIM card from one of the major suppliers (like Vodafone) for about 21 Euro (a one time fee for a SIM that can be used anytime you are over there) and then signs up for a one-month unlimited service for around 20 Euros (with no extra roaming charges throughout Europe) whenever he actually travels. I haven’t been able to find this particular agreement on Vodafon’s website, but I did find a 30 day mobile broadband plan for 20 Euros but with a 3GB limit (although it says it can’t be used abroad???). I’ve never used my Flybook full-on (use a desktop most of the time), so I’m not entirely sure if this would be sufficient for what I do (although it *seems* like a lot of data). I tried using their Contact form but it insists on a telephone number starting with 07 (grumble, grumble). I sent an email to “” – we’ll see.

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