Really, this is your chance to weigh in on a new and improved website!

On January 31st, I created a blog entry entitled “Thoughts, Suggestions, and Requests for a re-design of Flybook’s Support section?” At the request of Roland Pinto (CEO of Dialogue Technology USA Corporation) – see his comment on the Confusion of Flybook Websites post from a few days ago -, I’m opening that up to Thoughts, Suggestions, and Requests about their website in general (aka What would you love to see on the Flybook Website?). I’ve heard some grumbling about their site (and will admit I’ve done some grumbling myself), but we can’t just grumble when we are offered the chance (straight from Dialogue’s keyboard) to participate in getting some changes made.

 So come on, folks, what do want to see? How should the information be presented?

 Oh, and per Roland, is the official website to use (their International portal).


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