For Love of Flybook

Looking back over my posts for the last month, I realize I’ve been very focused on some minor issues I’ve been having. Since new people do periodically find their way to the Flyblog, I just want to take a moment to mention how much I’m enjoying the unit. The “under 3 lbs” is a great thing, of course, but for me, the form-factor is what wins me over. I don’t have to carry a conventional “laptop bag” – instead I slide it into my Kenneth Cole shoulder bag, or even into a purse. Although small, the keyboard is workable, and I have no problems at all with the “inking” experience (mind you, I’m not writing a term paper on it – typically just taking meeting notes or returning emails). I needed where-ever. when-ever Internet access, and while the field of choices is growing daily, I still think I made the right one with the V5.

I’ve written 80 posts since I received the unit in October. My early ones talk more about initial impressions and hands-on experiences as well as details on getting connected with an AT&T SIM card, loading software, etc. Click on the “October” link under Archives in the right pane.


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