Why yes, Flybook *can* put a link to the Flyblog on their site…

I’d be terribly flattered except… it’s because I seem to be the only person blogging about their Flybook. What’s up with that?? There are thousands of Flybook users – why so quiet?


5 Responses

  1. Fine! You drove me too it! 🙂 I had thoughts of putting a blog up about mine… I am a stocking dealer and all :D.

    Hopefully this weekend I can fire something up!

  2. *Very* cool! Looking foward to reading it! I figure, the more we get the word out, the more units they’ll sell, the more staff they can hire to both support us and improve the product.

  3. I am all about these blogs! Lets get the show on the road. You know we are deveoping systems and programs to support all of you awesome users of our systems.

    Please tell me what we need to do and how better to do what we are doing now! I promise, I will listen and am excited to hear the comments.

    As for the blog, lets have some fun!!!

  4. Ok, It’s up… with one measly little post :D!!!! Will do more soon, with pics of my “GoldenBoy” all to follow this week….. let me know what everyone thiks!

  5. I had created a forum on Aceboard back in October but apparently no one ever found it. I like just having one blog to go to though – that way you know all the users are in the same forum and you get the most bang for your buck because all the info is in one place (no offense to Rob – I’ll read your blog too 🙂 ).

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