Flyblog View Statistics

WordPress captures all sorts of odd and interesting statistics, including the number of “Views” per day. A view is the reading of a post, except… if you go my homepage and read the latest 20 posts, that is considered one “view.” So… the actual number of people coming to my site is something less than the number of Views, but.. really… no clue how much less.

Here are the View Statistics since I started the blog:

 Flyblog View Status (60% size)

(Note: I tried putting this in as an in-line graphic but resizeing it made it look sucky)

I assume most of these “views” are coming from search engines. Obviously, the more I blog about the Flybook, the more opportunities there will be to find the Flyblog while search for Flybook info.

Largest number of views in a single day: 162 — Friday, January 25, 2008 

Only 16 unique individuals have actually left comments.

I also added the Blog Stats “Widget” to the bottom of the right pane: 4,184 hits at the time of this post.


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