“Newt Notes” on the Flybook V5 Updates

The following are my notes on the installations (warning – verbose, and only partially entertaining, info to follow)

Audio– while the Flybook site has a 2007-12-10 date for this driver (the date posted), the driver itself is dated 2007-10-16. Thanks to Rob/Tom I was prepared for the issues with the the hardware wizard automatically installing drivers on reboot – only, I didn’t catch it in time the first reboot (even ready for it). Per Tom, for him it installed the new drivers – for me, it didn’t – it reinstalled the old one (go figure). Second time around, I uninstalled (and had system delete) the old drivers first.

Display – this appears to be a very minor version upgrade from what was already on my system  (from to and the readme file displayed during the installation has “September 19, 2007” in it). Note: there was a checkbox to install SAT (?) and set the display to Aero if supported. I left it checked. A whole bunch of screen flashing went on (as one might expect). I got to the point where I was supposed to click [Next] and nothing happened when I hit it with the stylus (I RARELY use the mouse buttons). I discovered that the arrow was about three inches to the left of where I was tapping. Investigation proved that yes, the arrow and my stylus were about three inches apart now. I used the [Tab] key to get to the Next button and it wanted to reboot, so I agreed. After coming back from reboot (took a long time), everything seems fine. BTW, SAT stands for System Assessment Tool (WinSAT.exe) – it ran through some testing on the way up from the reboot (after login, but before the Windows screen appeared).

Sidenote: have I mentioned yet how much I dislike the Dialogue.com.tw website? It’s way too “form” vs. “function.” Among other annoying things, it expands to that “full” view in IE where you can’t get to menus or see your taskbar. Grr. Luckily, an [F11] gets it back to respectable view.

Bluetooth– Oh, hey, something freed up and I’m now getting a whopping 100KB/sec transfer rate (oh boy). No wait, it’s dropped to 94KB/sec…91… FYI, this is the Bluesoleil I wasn’t sure where I was supposed to look for driver info before installing, so I have no idea what version was previously on my machine. Required a reboot.

Touchscreen – Verified that this is, indeed, the same version as I have on my system (

56k Modem – call me new-fashioned, but I don’t see the point; I don’t see myself ever using the modem. I’m going to skip this one. (Watch, I’ll suddenly need it at some critical juncture).

Chipset– Date on this one is March 05, 2007… huh. Installed it anyway. It made the boingy boingy disconnect and reconnect sounds a couple of times (like when you attach a USB flashdrive) which makes since as it includes updates to the USB host controllers. No reboot required.

Sidenote: hey, this is cool… once you’ve done the [F11] thing on the Dialogue site, you don’t have to do it again – it comes up “normal” from then on. Of course, with menus and task bar on the screen you can no longer see the whole Dialogue screen – but I’m ok with scrolling. I still think its absurd that you can’t use Vitakey to use Fingerprint login on their site. Oh hey, and I’ve discovered the secret behind navigating their File Download sub-window – click on the subwindow and then do one gentle click of the keyboard scroller

Fingerprint – Had already installed this update back at the end of October.

LAN– Was version 6.191.305.2007, new one is 6.198.1003.2007. This one is odd – it gives you options to Repair or Remove. I wasn’t required to select either option, and just clicked [Next]. This is a Realtek driver (like the sound) and, not to be English-centric, but… they could stand to run their installation packages past a more-adept speaker of English. No reboot required.

WLAN– Was version, new one is Double-clicked on Setup.exe and got a message that my battery level was too low to install (was at 22%). Interesting. Sure,you wouldn’t want to lose power partway through a driver installation, but 22% seems like quite a bit to me. Plugged in the power adapter. Also got a message that an older version of wireless software was installed, did I want to remove it… um… duh? Replacing old software installation. Please wait… (this message is an “always-on-top” window). Then…wow, it is a LONG install process… maybe I do see their point. No reboot required.

WWAN Driver and AP/ HSDPA model Bootloader / HSDPA module firmware – Boy, that’s a mouthful. Comes with the following instructions:

Update the 3G Watcher software (\3G WATCHER\3G_Watcher.msi)
Turn on the HSDPA module and close the “3G Watcher” program
Update Firmware of the HSDPA module ( \FIRMWARE\MC8775\MC8775BOOT_H1.1.4.0.EXE and\FIRMWARE\MC8775\MC8775_H1.8.3.EXE)

3G Watcher Installation: It asks you to select the region where the product was purchased (two choices are “Europe” and “North and South America, Asia, Africa or Australia”). I wonder what this does (?) FYI, you come to a point where that status *looks* 100% complete, but a little popup in the lower right-hand corner starts (slowly) counting up the installation progress. It stopped at 50% complete for a LONG time, but the hard drive continued to churn, so I let it go.

Boot Loader and Firmware:NOTE: there is a folder for a different wireless card (the MC8755) as well as for our card (the MC8775). Be sure you get the right one. Turned on WWAN and it said “installing device driver software” I waited for that to finish before closing 3G Watcher. The Dialogue site listed the location of the Boot Loader first, so that’s what I installed first (even though it wasn’t really one of their three steps listed). This prompts a “Binary Update Tool” that warns you not to remove your modem while upgrading (uh, ok). Only took 16sec . Then I ran the firmware MC8775_H1.8.3.EXE which *also* ran the Binary Update Tool (warning not to eject the modem or remove power). That took 3 minutes exactly (it tells you, I wasn’t sitting here with a timer). It hung at 99% for over half a minute of that.

I turned WWAN off and then back on. 3G Watcher loaded, initialized, and then came up with “no device detected.” GREAT. Before totally panicking, I shut down the computer, restarted it and tried again. It worked fine (when in doubt, ALWAYS reboot.. it’s a mantra).

Flybook Utility– Nope, not going to do it… not until I hear a good reason why the FCC “compels wireless to turn off in tablet mode.” I’ll have to live without the voice and bluetooth headset upgrades.


3 Responses

  1. I’m hoping you can help me. I’ve currupted my MC8775 firmware updates. Could you send me these two files to my email?


    Thanks in advance!

  2. The files are very large (over 10MB combined). I think gmail will gag on them. My suggestion is to download them from the Member’s Club downloads page at http://www.dialogue.com.tw.

  3. Lesenswerter Beitrag, danke.

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