How slow can you go? Unbearable download speeds from Dialogue

Back from my roadtrip, I’m finally updating the Flybook with all of the latestest goodies (EXCEPT for the Flybook Utility – see my blog entry “Whole Host of New Drivers” and be sure to read the last paragraphs of the comment from Tom). I was first downloading files across my home WAN, but I was getting 78KB/sec download speeds from their site, so I hooked Eft up to the LAN, and… same thing. UGH! Just out of curiosity, I tried using my desktop – same slow speed. I headed over to and my connection is just fine. It’s the Dialogue site (or something between here and there). The 37.8MB Audio driver for Vista took 8min 46sec. This is going to be a LONG day.

FYI, I’m updating the Flybook before sending it back for repairs (broken battery lock) so that no one will be tempted to update it “for me” and install that new FCC-required Flybook Utility “upgrade” that prevents you from using wireless in tablet mode (still no answer as to WHY this is a requirement of the FCC).

Update 2007-12-27

I’m moving my super-long post on my update notes to a new blog entry.


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