Vehicle Mount for Flybook V5? Anyone? Anyone?

As a non-driver, this isn’t an issue for me, but I can see where it would be something typical Flybook owners would want. Since the Flybook V5 is a convertible, and a small one at that, I would think mounting it (especially for use with GPS) would make a lot of sense. So… I’m going to put it out there as a blog entry (maybe others will find it in a search engine and have some input). Think “adjustable slate mount” which can hold approximately 3 lbs.

The closest thing I could find was a set of products from  Ram Mounts. I have contacted them with the following question:

Do you have a mount that would hold the Dialog Flybook V5? Its dimensions, while similar to those of the Fujitsu P1610, are enough different I would like to confirm whether or not that cradle would fit. The Flybook V5 is 235 x 163 x 30 (mm) or 9.25 x 6.42 x 1.18 (in).

I’ll post their response.

Update 2007-12-26

Response from Ram Mounts (aka Expressmounts evidently):


Thank you for your email. The universal cradle we offer with the laptop mounts fit anything from 10-17″ wide. What kind of vehicle were you looking to put this into? Make, model, and year.

Best Regards,

Chris, Customer Service Rep, Your Source For RAM MOUNTS!
Phone: 800.231.7540  Fax: 702.990.5603

I responded by pointing out that the Flybook V5 is only 9.25″ wide and that it converts to a tablet PC (I’m not going to advocate for anyone setting it up as a laptop for the driver… eep!).

Update 2007-12-26 7:22pm

Well, the news isn’t good… they don’t have anything that will work – so… time to do more research. It’s too bad, though, the RAM Mount “component” approach looks like a good one, and you have to like a company that responds so rapidly.


7 Responses

  1. I e-mailed them 3 or 4 weeks ago suggesting they make a custom mount for the Flybook as they would corner the market on it seeing’s how there’s no one else out there that makes one for the Flybook. No response at all from them – I was disappointed as they have that whole OEM/Custom Mount section on their website where they bascially say they will make it if you send them a CAD drawing (sorry, but I don’t have CAD and don’t really know how to use it).

  2. I’ve done rather extensive searching into this and the only thing I’ve found that’s remotely close is the Arkon Sf140 mount for CD/DVD players. It’s sold on various websites but one is Amazon:
    Pros – it doesn’t mount to your vents or windshield so no worries about your 2 pound Flybook ripping out your AC system or shattering your windshield. And while it is a “police style” mount, it doesn’t have 3 or 4 legs attaching to various parts of your floorboard looking like something out of a science fiction movie. The mount also claims to have “anti-vibration” something-or-other which is supposed to reduce skips on a CD player (what the mount is designed for). Plus, it claims to be able to tilt 180 degrees which is essential for using the mount with the Flybook in tablet mode (otherwise the screen would be facing the roof if it could only just sit on top like a CD player).
    Cons – it would require you to fasten a piece of velcro to the bottom of your Flybook and I’m not sure how secure it would be. Plus, the 2+ pounds of the Flybook would max out the recommended weight load of the mount.
    I can’t seem to find a reliable site that lists the dimensions of the mount either but some say it’s like 12 or 18 inches wide (I find that hard to believe if it’s designed for CD players – that’s one big CD player). So, either the Flybook will swallow the mount (if it’s closer to CD player size) or the mount will swallow the Flybook (if it’s really 12 or 18 inches wide like some sites list). But, for only $20 bucks, it might be worth a go at it (I’m thinking about it as I came to rely on my GPS navigation with my old PDA and I don’t really care to lug around my old PDA AND the Flybook – that’s the whole purpose of getting the Flybook – combining a bunch of devices into one).

  3. Yeah, I think they are missing the boat on this one as well. Interesting that I received rapid responses but no mention of “custom” work.

  4. So I broke down and bought the Arkon Mount Sf140 mentioned above and installed it (for only 23 bucks with shipping it was worth a shot). It’s actually not bad. It’s only one post that you mount to your passenger seat bolt. It’s a little wobbly at the top but nothing like it’s going to fall over. Just consequences of a two pound object sitting atop a flagpole basically. Really it only sways when you take a corner. Just driving down the road or only going around minor curves doesn’t affect it at all. I like it because it’s not a huge police-style mount with 3 legs and it puts the Flybook right at the correct level for driving. Of course it’s totally geeky looking but, hey, whatever. The base is about 5×5 inches so the Flybook completely covers it. It is very securely fastened to it, though, using the included 3 velcro strips. Plus, the base is spring loaded so it does help dampen the shocks somewhat. I’ll try to take a picture sometime for Newt to post.

  5. Questions 🙂

    I love this… a good vehicle mount, but a few questions.
    can someone still sit in your passenger seat? Does it obstruct? Are you driving stick or auto?

    and, hows the tilt???

  6. Someone can still sit in the passenger seat with no problems but the pole is right next to their left leg. I’m driving a stick and you can adjust the gooseneck so that it doesn’t interfere with the stick but it’s close if you don’t want to obstruct the passenger seat too much. The tilt is great – it will swivel horizontally 360 degress and tilt 180 degrees which you can lock down once you get it where you want it. With my ghetto 3 velcro strips, I had it tilted near vertical (probably 120-150 degrees) without any problems. Like I said, it’s not perfect and it sure would be nice if they’d make a custom fit mount for it but if you really need a vehicle mount and don’t mind looking geeky you can make this mount work. My biggest complaint is the “sway” when going around corners.

  7. Well…. I don’t see any reason why duct tape can’t be involved :),

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