It’s a sad, sad, day

Well, I’ve initiated the process of sending my Flybook back for repairs. On day two, when removing the battery to insert the SIM, the battery lock came off. Since then, the battery release has held the battery in place but I have now had two incidences where the battery came out just enough to turn off the unit. AARGH. Patrick, from, has ordered what he believes to be the parts to repair it in Toronto, but if that doesn’t work, they’ll have to ship it to Taiwan. Luckily, this will be in January when I don’t have any trips planned and won’t be wandering the countryside on my bike.

 Of course, the downside of ordering from them is the rediculous amount Fedex charges for “international” shipping.

 He’s going to let me know when he has the parts so I’ll know when to ship it to him.

 And yes, I did consider duct tape.


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