Hotter than Hades… hard drive continuing to churn in sleep mode

So… I’m on a road trip (this down to the warm South) and an odd thing has started happening. I’ll be riding along in the car (with my new auto-adapter from and I tell the Flybook to sleep. I wait a few minutes for the fan to stop churning and I tuck the unit away in my Kenneth Cole bag. Later, when I pull it out it is HOT and the battery is dead! After this happened a couple of times, I started watching it and even 10 minutes after I tell it to sleep, the hard drive light is still blinking away! It isn’t happening *every* time and I can’t figure out why it happens some times and not others, but it can’t be good for the ‘puter.  For now I guess I need to start shutting it down entirely as I don’t always have the time to sit waiting on it to see if it is going to truly sleep or not (and if it goes into churning mode, it won’t come back from sleep at the touch of the power button, I have to force a power off). Of course, then I have to wait for it to boot back up. UGH.

Update 2008-06-19

Occurs to me that I never posted what the issue was (or, what I think it might have been). Since I established the practice of shutting down all the wireless and physically waiting for the hard drive light to *really* go out, this has only happened once. However, I’m pretty sure the one time it happened was because of “hybrid sleep” – which may have been what happened the other couple of times. There are three types of Sleep with Vista S1, S2, and S3. The Flybook V5 only supports S3. This is a hybrid sleep where a weee bit of power is used to keep your current info in RAM (see my “Burning Calories While You Sleep” post where I noticed this behavior but didn’t really think about it). Now, that weee bit of power isn’t the problem, its when the battery is already slow when you put it to sleep and the weee bit has taken the battery down to next to nothing and the *other* side of “hybrid” kicks in. That’s where the unit writes the RAM to the hard drive before shutting itself down. *That* little step takes a lot more of an energy burst and if the unit is all snug in its neoprene bag at the time… hotter than hades, I say!


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  1. This has happened to me too. I haven’t noticed it happening very much recently but I think it may have something to do with some of the wireless features being on when you put it to sleep. And I suspect it may be the worst when you leave WWAN on when you put it to sleep. Like I said, hasn’t happened in about a month and I’m not sure what changed but I do tend to turn off all the wireless features when going into sleep mode now. Thought it had fried the circuit boards for good the first time it happened it was so hot.

  2. HEy guys!

    I got my Flybook about a day before Newt did. Got mine right from Patrick in Toronto :). My boss bought one about 4 months prior. I’ve noticed this a few times, and here’s what I’ve found.

    For me – Outlook is a big culprit here. I’ve got Outlook 2007, with toltec connector (for managing shared caledars, etc)

    If this is hanging, and I put my computer to sleep, it will hang. Vista comes up with a little screen saying “The following programs are still running, are you sure you want to shut down?

    if you’ve already closed the lid, you might not see this come up. And if it stays to long, it may hang oyur computer, and thus leave it in a “almost sleeping mode”.

    Course this is just my opinion 🙂

    My boss has had an issue with hers not sleeping before as well. I haven’t seen this happen to me… but I hit sleep… give it about 3 mins to go to sleep, then I close the lid :)…. try closing any programs that won’t be required when you reboot, before putting to sleep. Especially memory intensive progs, like outlook, photoshop, anything that uses a ton of Ram!

  3. Rob –
    What state (or country if not in the US) do you live in? Sounds like we all got our Flybooks from the same batch. I wonder – do you use yours as a phone very much? I’ve also been looking for a car mount but haven’t been able to find one – any luck with this? Seems like we’re the only 3 in the US that have Flybooks (4 if you include your boss)…..

  4. Patrick says he has sold a couple thousand units… The “old-timers” may have looked for websites/blogs back when they received their units.

  5. I’m actually in Canada, in Ontario. I live about 2 hours away from Toronto so I met Patrick there. I’ve become a dealer for Flybook as well, all though this is more of a side business for me that hasn’t had a lot of time devoted to it.
    I have a V5 from the new batch you guys have one from.
    My boss, and her friend have one from the previous model (1.06 dual core, 40gb drive, 2gb, etc).
    both in Pink of course.

    I unfortunately don’t get to use the flybook much as a phone. GPRS here in Canada is still REALLY expensive. My boss has an ATT card for travel to the states, but here, they just came out with 60bucks a month for 1gb of data, but thats on top of a $350 a month blackberry data/voice plan. As far as mobile Mounts, I’ve seen a few that would require mounting to the bottom of your seat brackets, A-La police car style. Is this what you’re looking for?

  6. Well, I can’t say *difinitively* that it is the radios (WAN and/or WWAN) but since I’ve established a routine of 1) turning off all radios, 2) Exiting Outlook, then 3) waiting for unit to completely turn off before I close the lid, I have not had the “hard drive staying on when I put it to sleep” issue.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

  7. Rob –
    Well, as much as a hate to do it, I think I’ll have to get a “police style” mount. I haven’t found any (police style or otherwise) that’s specifically made for the Flybook – i.e. one that is specifically molded to fit a Flybook. And I haven’t even found a “universal” or adjustable mount that will fit the Flybook (their smallest size is either too small or their biggest size is either too big). The only thing that I’ve found which actually doesn’t look too awfully bad is on from Arkon that fits CD/DVD players:–SF140–ARKON-SF140-CD-Mount-_269277.htm

    But this would, of course, require putting a piece of Velcro on the bottom of the Flybook which I don’t really care to do.

  8. Tom, Not sure if you know Patrick from Flybook, he mentioned last time we spoke that he is aware of a mount that will fit the flybook.

    I haven’t had the chance to touch base with him lately… but if you think about it, the flybook is about the same size of a portable dvd player… if you can find a mount for that stuff…. it may fit the flybook.

  9. Hey Rob,
    I actually went ahead and bought the Arkon DVD/CD Player mount. I’m getting ready to install it now but it does involve applying a Velcro strip to the bottom of the Flybook. It seems really sturdy and strong but I’ll put it to “road test” trials. See the link above for a picture of what the mount looks like. I’ll keep y’all posted.

  10. I stuck an update on this one. I actually discovered what was going on some time back but never reported on it. Then I noticed that people are still finding this post with “harddrive continuing to churn” type searches and I thought my suspected answer might help.

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