WARNING! New Flybook Utility does indeed shut down wireless in tablet mode

Tom from Indy installed the new Flybook Utility update and it IRREVERSIBLY sets the Flybook to turn off both WAN and WWAN when the screen in rotated and flattened in tablet mode! It cannot be turned back on until the unit is once again in laptop mode. This is, apparently, a requirement of the FCC… Tom is querying Dialogue to find out more information. Tom was UNABLE to reverse the change by reinstalling the older version. You will want to read the entire comment here.

 THANK YOU TOM! I feel for you, but I appreciate you reporting on this so promptly.


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  1. NOTE: Mauro had placed the following comment on this blog entry as well as on the “Whole Host of New Drivers” entry. Seeing what I thought was a duplicate, I removed this one… but thinking about it, I realize it is the better location for it, so I’m putting it back… kind of. Sorry Mauro!

    From Mauro:

    “Here in Italy we have the same problem. Dialogue TW has released a new version of FBCCenter, after my feedback, but new version NOT solve the problem. I sendt another feedback to Dialogue Tw. I think that previous version of FBCCenter patch the firmware of the WLAN/WWAN module or patch the BIOS. Any news will write here. Bye to everyone. Mauro – Sanremo(ITALY)”

  2. What’s interesting, is, it is labled as an issue with the FCC (US Federal Communications Commission), which I would think, should only affect people in the US and, possibly Canada (depending upon governmental agreements). This really sucks…

  3. I know but….Flybook TW wrote as a note in new version of FBCCenter, “Fix: turn off wireless in tablet mode to follow FCC standard in all area (V5)” ….FOR ALL COUNTRY!!!
    I SOLVED !!! With these steps:
    1) Uninstall old FBCCenter (
    2) Install new version (
    3) Reinstall WWAN Drivers and Firmware
    4) Reinstall WIFI Drivers

    Wireless, now, DON’T shutdown in tablet mode.

    Mauro – Sanremo (ITALY)

  4. Sorry bnewt, only now i read your post about the duplicate…but i’m new of the blog…. sorry again. Mauro – ITALY

  5. Here is an update: the new V5s are coming with an even newer EC BIOS version that does indeed shut down all wireless options when the unit is in tablet mode… and to date no work-around has been found.

  6. i need help!!! i have an flybook v5 but i dont no how to use panel touch ……please help me !!!most_wanted_boss@yahoo.com my id

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