Disappointed w/ AT&T in Washington DC

I haven’t posted for a few days… I received a phone call last Sunday night from a friend in DC who is opening a Cocoa Bar in the city (Logan Circle area, if anyone is curious). I had offered some time back to assist with his “week before opening” and he was calling to take me up on it. “Great!” I thought… my first chance to take the Flybook on the road!

The Flybook, itself, has been great, but um… not so impressed with AT&T. In his new shop, and out in McLean where I am staying, I can’t even make an Edge connection – let alone the HSDPA I get in Indy. Luckily, I have access to WAN in both places.

Oh, FYI, the first stop was at the Kenneth Cole store in Tyson’s Corner. I now have the bag I mentioned earlier. It’s heavier and bulkier than I like, but the Flybook fits inside in its neoprene case and it looks better with business clothes. I’m not ditching the $10 Target bag though – I think I’ll still use it when I want to be more casual (and I’m still going to pursue having a bag made).


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