When two bars just aren’t enough

Our Neighborhood Association is currently meeting in the basement of a local church. “Down Under” I could only get one to two bars to show up (and they fluctuated) on 3G Watcher. The Flybook connected, technically, as EDGE but I couldn’t pull up a single web-page. It’s amazing how quickly you come to rely on a technology. I have to admit I also surfed for an unsecure WAN, but only ghettonet, a secure network, showed up (5 bars though… do you think ghettonet is the church’sWAN?) Luckily, I still have my Sprint cell-phone. I didn’t try placing a call, but I was able to text just fine (under the table of course). Darn, I should have looked to see how many bars I had on my phone. I’m going to try to monitor and see what the minimum number of bars are to make a useful WWAN connection.


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