How is a Flybook better than a dog?

There is an old saw, that if you want to get attention from the opposite sex, get a dog.

Gotta say, as an attention-grabber, the Flybook does a pretty good job! Total strangers burst out with “What is it?” and “I’m in love!” (that last was from a guy, by-the-way, eyes glued to the Flybook). And its not like I’m making a big production with the thing (ok, I did at the office, but… sometimes you just have to make a big production).

Statistically speaking, interest appears even higher with women than with men.  I think it’s because they see my pull it out of a purse. Women are used to carrying a purse, so the Flybook just becomes something else that can be easily included. The gadget bag or “murse” hasn’t really caught on for men yet (at least, not in the Midwest – it may be quite a different story on one or both coasts). If men carry something, it’s a messenger bag or briefcase, and then only to and from work – not all about town. Either of those can easily hold a larger laptop.

I’ve had so many people ask about it I made up business cards with the Flyblog web address on it.

Oh and hey, I’ve now heard about a husband/wife team where both have Flybooks… a two-Flybook home! I’m impressed! So… who got one first? And who had to have one?


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