Flybook V5 new Vitakey Fingerprint Driver

Per the Member portion of (anyone other than me think it ironic that you can’t use your fingerprint to log into the Member section?):

Finger Print Driver (Vista)
MC3020_5.0.0.4 2007/10/30

While there may be a new driver in there somewhere (?), the 30MB zip file is actually a new version of Vitakey (ver

After downloading and extracting (now a 50MB file), I ran install.exe, only the first thing it told me to do was uninstall the old version (grumble, grumble). In the Start menu, under Vitakey, in the System folder there is an uninstall utility. When you run it, there is a checkbox asking if you want your existing fingerprint data backed up – which is UNCHECKED by default! And *then* the uninstall told me to restart my computer (grumble, grumble, grumble) and log back on TYPING MY PASSWORD  – can you tell I’m doing this before my morning coffee?

So I ran install.exe again… and it wants a SERIAL NUMBER! I don’t *have* a Serial Number!!!! Well, I suppose I *did* have one on the installed version but I didn’t write it down! AGH!

Unpacked my original Flybook box to find all the info that came with it and NOWHERE is there a Vitakey serial number.

Logged back into the member area and created a Service Request of type Q/A. 9:30am on 11/10/07.

Did a System Restore (luckily, had one from yesterday for a Microsoft update) and I have my old version of the fingerprint reader back only… it required me to create a new user or restore from backup. Obviously I chose Restore, but it said my databank was empty. It was able to restore my fingerprints (big whoop) but I have to recreate my bank. EESH!

And to top if off… even with it restored, I can’t find a serial number to save my life!

UPDATE 2007/11/10 1:16pm

Patrick at, the sweety, on a Saturday, responded to my “Help!” email with the info that the Vitakey serial number is on the *back* of the folder containing my recovery CDs. He must think I’m a real moron by this time… earlier I couldn’t locate my warranty and registration card which was attached to the *side* of the Flybook box. For some reason, these locations just aren’t intuitive to me. Sigh.

I’ve had coffee now… I can face the world.

So… what did the upgrade get me… no clue! I don’t see anything different at all. Of course, it is a very minor version (per the numbering)

UPDATE 2007/11/12 8:35am

Oh hey, I’m impressed, Philip from Dialogue (in Taiwan) got back to me first thing Monday morning. He also told me, very politely, where to find the Vitakey serial number… this is soooo embarrassing!

 ***WARNING*** UPDATE 2007/12/08 1:37pm

I’ve been having several issues with the Vitakey upgrade (the Password Bank keeps erroring out and I have to shut it down in Settings). I’m considering rolling back to the version that shipped with the unit.


8 Responses

  1. Hi, i also can’t find my serial.
    Could you help me with that?


  2. With my Flybook, the serial number was on the back of the folder containing the recovery CDs. With other computers, I have no idea.

  3. I dont own the FlyBook myself, but I own a USB-Stick with the same fingerprint-reader.
    Unfortunately the software supplied with the stick has very rare functionality.
    So I’d like you to ask you for your serial…?

  4. Sorry, not comfortable with that. You might try contacting the manufacturer of your USB-Stick.

  5. Habe Vitakey Fingerabdruck via Fingerprint Sensor eingerichtet und die 8-stellige Nr. nicht notiert…..
    Wie kann ich den Fingerabdruck umgehen oder wieder löschen ohne Passwort.????

    • Manfred,
      You can’t. You have to have the serial number. It should be on the back cover of the installation CD. You might also contact Egistec, the company that makes Vitakey.

  6. I installed Vitakey on my Medion Notebook. Now it is not responding anymore. So when I start up my Notebook its askes for my fingerprint. After 3 times I have to put in my password. It does not work.
    It is not possible to startup my notebook. Does anybody know a solution?

  7. Hi there,

    You can download the new version of Vitakey5 from below link.

    Please remember to extract your previous protected files before installing the new version. (New version doesn’t support file protection/encryption)

    P.S. For Medion notebook, we will provide another updated build later. Please visit us time to time.
    EgisTec support

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