Found a cheap replacement stylus for the Flybook V5

By the way, finally received my replacement stylus (styli) from These are the retractable ones that are designed for the Nintendo DS. I bought three for $15 including shipping. If I’m remembering the Flybook stylus experience, these don’t glide quite as smoothly and maybe don’t feel quite as substantial, but for a third the price, they’ll work just fine (they fit into the Flybook stylus shaft without problems).

The only thing about the experience is that you need to be patient. They were shipped DHL (3 days) and then handed off to USPS here in Indy… USPS is supposed to deliver the “package” to the house in 3-5 business days – it took them 7 business days (9 days total if you count the weekend). I placed the order on 10/26 and just received them today… in a regular manila envelope that you could have mailed out for what… $0.49? Grief.

I switched the pen I carry with me to one of those 4-in-ones that have black ink, red ink, a pencil lead, and a stylus ( $6) and that works *really* well – way easier to ink with a pen-shaped object. I have an extra of those now sitting at my desk (so I don’t take the one out of my purse and forget to replace it.) I’m planning on putting two of the replacement styli in typical places in my house that I use the Flybook – by my bed and at the kitchen counter – again so that I don’t use the one I’ve placed in the Flybook shaft and forget to replace it.


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