Cheers to the great bloggers for their solutions and tweaks

The Flybook came with Vista Business… I’m entirely new to Vista and I’m running into odd issues without a clue how to solve them. Luckily, other people have gone before me and I’m finding solutions as soon as I look for them.

1)  Web Client for Exchange – can’t enter anything in message body when creating new message or replying to a message

I connect up to a client’s exchange server via the web. When I tried replying to a message (or creating a new one) I got a “broken picture placeholder” graphic (you know, the box with a red x) which I couldn’t delete or replace. I fiddled with this and that and then did a Google search for “vista exchange web mail new.” The first site in the results was “Paul Davey’s Blog: Windows Windows Vista IE7 and Exchange Webmail (Problems & Fix).” It was just the information I needed. Unfortunately, his blog site wouldn’t let me leave a comment of thanks, so here it is.

2) Screen flashes twice when it returns from Sleep

Every time I return from sleep (frequently when on battery) the screen has to do a flash dance. It takes a couple of seconds, but more to the point, it is psychologically disruptive; I keep thinking my Flybook is having fits. Well forums at (and specifically a post by NinjaNoodles) to the rescue. The issue has to do with Vista looking for an external monitor. The tweak is listed below:

Many users here have a problem of their screens flashing (or flickering, or blinking) black after Windows loads. I’ve seen people blame everything from audio drivers to integrated graphics for this issue, however these are not the causes.Microsoft has a service called Transient Multi-Monitor Manager (TMM). This (supposedly) makes it easier to run multiple displays. It also causes the annoying flash we all hate so much. It took me hours to pinpoint the exact process (which happened to be the Task Scheduler Engine), and even more time to pinpoint the exact task, so enjoy.Here’s how to fix that annoying black flicker on boot:

  1. Click on the Start button (pearl? ball? orb?).
  2. Type “Task Scheduler” and hit Enter.
  3. On the left-hand side, click “Task Scheduler Local” (you should already be there, but just in case).
  4. Expand “Task Scheduler Library,” then “Microsoft,” then “Windows,” then click “MobilePC.”
  5. Up top, you’ll see a task called “TMM.” Click it, and on the right-hand side, click “Disable.”
  6. You’re done.

If you perform the tweak, you will have to manually choose to go to an external monitor (vs. it being autoidentified). On the Flybook this would be Fn and Esc.

ScuderiaConchiglia adds the following warning:

“One thing that the TMM thing does do for you: if you extend your desktop across both displays and then drag a document window to the external display and then disconnect the external, TMM will automatically move the offscreen document window back to your laptop display. Without it, the document window may be “stranded”.

TMM works great on my Sony FZ190 and I switch between a projector and external display and laptop only enough that Id rather have the quick blink and have the easy of switching that TMM gives me. But I do understand that many folks NEVER use an external (or rarely) so the tweak is great for them.”

My desktop has dual display, but I don’t see myself doing that with the Flybook, so I performed the tweak and it took care of the flashing


Note: If you spend time at, be sure to check out the thread “Top Vista Tweaks You Can Find! (I’M ADDING MORE).”


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