Let’s go surfin’ now…

Well, an update on my last post of the 13th… Ryan (AT&T local guy) did get me all squared away. I had to go in and get another SIM (?), but we’re all good now. They are waiving the activation fee for my trouble. Again with the kudos for AT&T local support. Continuing to get reasonable download speeds. Spent two hours at Starbucks this morning working away… weeee (“How to make working fun!”)

Now I’m on a hunt for a good bag to haul this puppy around in. I am not a purse person (I’m used to cross-shouldering a 3″x4″ ‘wallet on a chain’ ) so it has to be as small as possible. I’ve done exhaustive Internet searching without coming up with anything. I’m working on a design for one if I can find someone to do it up nice in leather. Actually, I’m fiddling with two designs – one that is a simple vertical “pouch” with a couple of pockets and another ala Targus’s Toshiba bag that would allow me to use the tablet as a tablet.

Also, I have left requests with iGo.comfor what tips I can use with the Flybook (as well as for my Sony DSLR A100). If you aren’t familiar with the iGo products – they make power adapters for wall and auto that take various tips for your electronics (so you don’t have to carry so much wiring around with you when you travel). It’s a cool concept, if I can get a tip that works. Another Flybook V5 user indicated that the “Notebook Tip #5” works, but iGo no longer carries it (they still have them at RadioShack.com though, so I may snatch one up before they are gone).


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