I’m Blue!

Well, I don’t entirely know what I’m doing when it comes to Bluetooth, so there was a bit of “flailing about” involved.

I turned on Bluetooth on the Flybook and put my Plantronics 640 headset into Discovery and… nothing happened.

So I took my headset out of Discovery, ran BlueSoleil (it was an icon on the desktop) and put the headset back into Discovery and… nothing happened.

I read the on-line BlueSoleil manual and couldn’t make heads or tails of it “Insert your Bluetoothdevice into USB/other port.” (uh…?)

I checked and there is a BlueSoleil.com site with… a quick installation guide which covers setting up a headset. So, with headset still in Discovery, I closed BlueSoleil and reopened it and… it found my headset (as well as my desktop bluetooth dongle). Entered the headset passcode and we are all hooked up. One small note, the BlueSoleil quick guide mentions a step where you “Right click the Bluetooth device icon and select Default Audio Device.” This is not an option on the right-click menu for me.

So… I’m hooked up, right? Only… I couldn’t figure out how to listen to music through the headset. I discovered I need to click the headset button to turn it “on” (like I do to make a call on my phone) and *then* launch Windows Media Player to get the sound through the headset. You can’t seem to switch between headset and Flybook speakers while *in* Media Player – you always have to restart it. If anyone knows how to do this, feel free to chime in.

FYI: the Flybook has *stereo* speakers (one on each side towards the front of the machine when in laptop mode). The sound is “tinny” but certainly loud enough.

While I was AT&T Saturday, Ryan wanted to see what it was like to make a voice call. While “connected” to AT&T, he dialed the number and sure enough it rang through. So… while still sufing the net, I answered his call. I wasn’t hooked up to bluetooth yet, but my voice came through LOUD and clear on his phone (Flybook has stereo microphones as well as speakers). I couldn’t hear him well unless I bent down to the speakers, but I have since discovered I had laptop speaker volume pretty low.

[Sidenote: Since I don’t have a voice plan (I have a cell phone that works perfectly well and gets significantly more than 3 hours of battery life), I believe it costs $0.40/minute for voice. If my cell phone battery dies, its always an option.]


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