Wireless… the highs and the lows

As I mentioned in my “I broke it” post – I was in the AT&T store… which was actually a terrific experience. The guy behind the counter (Ryan) was very interested (and excited) about my Flybook (ah, the lure of geek tech). He tried his own SIM in the machine and after we did some fumbling (needed to run 3G Watcher) we connected right up to the net with a very respectable download speed (982). The key thing here is that I did *not* need AT&T software – the 3G Watcher (once I deleted the default China site) worked great.

They gave me a SIM of my very own and we worked out an agreement for a 1-year contract (since I’m not purchasing any equipment). The SIM worked great and I worked on-line the entire bus-ride home! Ok, it disconnected twice (signal too low? or between towers?) but connected right back up each time and luckily that brief interruption doesn’t affect the site I was on.

I tried to register on AT&T’s website, but when I entered my phone number it seemed to think I was on some type of Go-Phone pay as you go plan. I called Ryan who checked with the “powers that be” and received the response that I should wait 5 business days before registering (the number was previously assigned to a Go-Phone).

Then, last night, I decided to connect back up and run speed-test again, and I see “SIM Network Reject” as the response on 3G Watcher. This doesn’t sound good. However, I decided not to deal with it last night. Don’t know whether or not Ryan will be in on a Saturday, but I’ll give me a call after 9a.

Off to Starbucks without a functioning cell-connection. Bummer!

update 2:10 pm.

They have cancelled my account due to “buyer’s remorse.” Must be one of those invisible diseases -I’m not presenting with symptoms. Ryan is trying to get it worked out, Great service at the local level.


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