This is the Day!

Oct 11, 2007   7:18 AM     On FedEx vehicle for delivery       INDIANAPOLIS, IN 

It is 8:30am and I’m all prepared. Camera is at the ready (I’ll photograph the unboxing), coffee table has been wiped clean and covered with black silk (overboard?) . I’ve performed my morning  mocha-making ritual, and the box-cutter is close at hand (for the FedEx box! Geesh!.

Patrick at has requested that I send him a quick note when I receive the unit. I suggested he would be able to hear my shriek (I should have said “whoop” – whoop sounds way more dignified). He responded with “I haven’t had a client that excited about receiving their computer in a long time!” Now, I ask you… who are these dullards he’s selling Flybooks to? I’m going to think the best of them and conclude that they are equally excited (how could you not be?)… they’re just emotionally repressed.

8:36am – no Flybook

Ran spell-check… unboxing is too a word!

8:38am – no Flybook

While we are waiting… woke up this morning with the perfect name for the new Flybook (this isn’t a girly thing – all computers need a name – it’s in the setup!).

Per Wikipedia:

Newts are members of the Salamandridae family in which the adult form is aquatic or semi-aquatic. In some species the larva leave the water as a brightly-colored terrestrial form called an eft, returning to the water when mature and changing to adult colors.”

You caught it right? And not just because I made it bold, italic, and red… Eft it is! It would be better if I had gone for one of the “brightly-colored” Flybooks, but “The Silver Eft” sounds good.

Can you tell I’m getting punchy?

8:50am – no Flybook

 9:05 – Eft has entered the building!!!!


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