The start of a new adventure

After years (yes, years) of lusting after Dialogue’s Flybook “ultra-portable” tablet PCs, I have finally bit the bullet and ordered one. On Friday, September 28th, I ordered the Flybook V5 from Patrick at The process of selecting who to order from was long and tedious, but suffice it to say responsiveness, customer service, and Patrick’s witty repartee all factored into the final decision. While we are going to blithely skim over the part where FlybookUS is based in Toronto, Canada, I think I’m going to be pleased with the ordering experience. O.k., they were also the only people that could tell me that they had an order placed for the latest V5 build (more on that later).

I’m told that if all goes according to plan, I’ll have my new Flybook in my hands on or about the 11th of October (it would be a day sooner, but Canada’s Thanksgiving is October 8th…. we all celebrate with you, Canada).


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