All the information I can find

Being a computer nerd IT professional, of course I did a lot of research. I’ve filtered the list to the information on the Flybook V5 I found especially useful:

Information Information from the horse’s mouth (note it refers to the “old build”) (update 2008-04-08: link broken; removed) Info from Dialogue’s website (includes a gallery of photos). The “360 Experience” is a  Quicktime of the VM not the V5. BTW, is the same site – the On-line Store isn’t a store – you follow through to the exact same website.

Dialogue PDF: More from the manufacturer


GottaBeMobile: Their initial “out of the box” review

GottaBeMobile: An inking review by Rob Bushway that scared the heck out of me

GottaBeMobile: And then I read this review by johnmcd and felt somewhat better

iCube: Their initial “out of the box” review (text only)

iCube: Their video review

Engadget: I always find these people interesting and respect their takes on new gear

Talking to People First-Hand

Andy Abramson – VoIP Watch: I found this link on Andy’s site and emailed him. He was kind enough to respond to many of my questions (I am obliged to do the same once I have the unit in my hands). Patrick uses one on a daily basis (a pink one). Discussing his experience helped put me at ease on some things.

Retailers Distributor/Dealer; imports directly from Dialogue; this is who I purchased from (very responsive) Imports directly from Dialogue (updated 2007-11-04 to send to their home page – their Flybook V5 page comes and goes – I think with unit availability) – Update 2008-04-08: haven’t seen the unit on their site for quite some time. sells Flybooks and accessories. Purchased the auto-adapter from them in December.

RCS Experience (added 2008-04-08) Looks like good prices and responsive to emails.

J&R (added 2008-04-10) has the V5 on pre-order with limited-time free shipping. I’ve ordered other items from them in the past with success.


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  1. […] sparked my idea of creating a blog about the V5 and became one of my very first blog entries: As I stumbled through my investigations as to SIM cards, data providers, data plans, etc. I […]

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